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April 16 - September 3, 2011

Opening Reception

Saturday, April 16, 2011 from 5 - 8 pm

Four Legends of Texas who have greatly impacted the photography scene in Texas will be featured together in one show. 


Peter Brown

Keith Carter

Earlie Hudnall

George Krause


This show also celebrates our 16th anniversary since we opened as Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery April 1995.


All four photographers have been recognized internationally and have their photographs in major museum collections. They have each had solo exhibitions at PDNB Gallery throughout our last 16 years.


These artists continue to work with the medium of photography after decades of creating bodies of work that are staggering and instrumental in changing the direction of photography in the 21st Century.


In the 1960's George Krause was one of the youngest photographers to be recognized and given a show by New York's Museum of Modern Art curator, John Szarkowski.  Krause's photographs, along with Lee Friedlander and Gary Winogrand's, marked a major shift in the direction of photography in the second half of the 20tth Century.  


Keith Carter is one of the most important and most collected photographers from Texas. Early in his career he and his wife, Pat, journeyed to photograph and write about small towns in Texas. The trip resulted in the first of many books, From Uncertain to Blue. Keith Carter's poetic style and exacting vision, revealed in his full frame photographs, has placed him among a prominent list of American photographers.


Earlie Hudnall has documented the culture of the 3rd Ward neighborhood in Houston, Texas for a lifetime. His documentary style has respectfully captured an African American population located next door to the towering buildings of Downtown Houston. The faces of his subjects tell stories of good times and rough times. The children look forward with innocence but some are afflicted with no hope.


Peter Brown has spent his career loving America's High Plains, photographing the vast fields of the Texas Panhandle, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas. The stretches of land and the culture he photographs leave us in awe. Small towns with strange and wonderful worn and empty storefronts like Last Chance, Charley's Market, Idalou Laundry reveal a culture that has shut down and moved to the big city.


PDNB Gallery is proud to exhibit such important figures in Texas Art History.  

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