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March 10 - April 29, 2006

Opening Reception
Saturday, May 21, 2011
From 5 - 8 PM

DALLAS, TX   Who doesn't like images that make us smile or chuckle out loud?

During a time of war and natural disasters, people look forward to a a little comic relief!

Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery presents a group exhibition of photographs that will fill the gallery with images that make us giggle.

This exhibition includes Robert Doisneau's image of a man and his cello floating in water; Philip Lamb's image of a Texas trailer house chicken ranch with a sign saying, "Show Birds for Sale"; Elliott Erwitt's 1960's era photograph of a woman playing a slot machine that is built into a cowboy mannequin; Neal Slavin's photograph of a group of girners, practicing the art of making funny faces, and Angus McBean's self-portrait from the 1930's showing him wearing a top hat flying through the sky in a tub with an open umbrella.

There are many images that are more cerebral, like the surreal images by Chema Madoz. Philip Lamb's photograph of a "No Hunting" sign seems at first ordinary, but the makeshift sign becomes the thrust of the subtle humor.

This is a light-hearted show that will tickle your funny bone. Artists included in the show run from the masters of 20th Century photography to well-known regional artists. The span of time covers 1930's to present.

Other artists included in the exhibition are:

Alfred Gescheidt

John Albok

George Krause

Jacques Henri Lartigue

Angus McBean

Michael O'Brien

Bill Owens

Opening reception is Friday, March 10, 2006 from 6 - 8 PM.

Neal Slavin,

Society of Girners, 1974