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April 20, 2013 - June 22, 2013


Opening Reception Saturday, April 20, 2013  5-8pm



PDNB Gallery will present its second exhibition of crime scene photographs in 13 years.

The first SCENE OF THE CRIME show was presented in PDNB’s first gallery space on Routh Street May of 2000.

This show will feature, as in the past, photographs that span the 20th Century. Photographs will include very early “mug shots” from a county archive. Each catalog page feature three criminals, each represented by mug shots, description of the person, the crime and any special identification marks. Some date as early as 1902.

Photographs of Mob characters, including Albert Anastasia, will be featured.

Actual crime scenes are depicted by morbid scenes of the aftermath of murder. These images have visceral detail and may be difficult to view.

On the lighter side, some images will prove surprising, as in the transvestite robber taken by the famous New York crime photographer, Weegee.

(This exhibition will be located in our John Albok Gallery.)

Continuing through May 11, 2013 in our main gallery: Bunny Yeager

Joe Petrella, Albert Anastasia leaves

Federal Building in Newark, 1953