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The Age of Innocence

May 19 - July 15, 2006

Opening reception is Friday, May 19, 2006 from 6 - 8 PM.

DALLAS, TX  - Summer is the season for kids. Parents are sending them off to camps and taking them on vacations. For the parents it is a time to share the memory of innocence, when kids played outside, went swimming in the public pools and, crammed into station wagons for family vacations.

This celebration of children is timely for our culture. So much is in the news about terrorism and child abuse and Internet issues. The concept of childhood innocence seems lost in our contemporary world.

Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery explores this subject with sublime portraits of children by various artists. The show also includes a few photographs of youth that do not so much deal with the subject of innocence, more innocence lost. This exhibition is curated by gallery Assistant Director, Jennifer Fluegge.

The photograph from the cover of Keith Carter's first book, From Uncertain to Blue, reveals two boys peering out of a house window in Paradise, Texas. The boys look like brothers, the older boy posing with his arm around his little brother who has dirt all over his face. They both radiate the pure boyish innocence of youth.

New York photographer, John Albok (1894 - 1982), used his camera for many subjects of the city, including one of his favorites, children. One photograph in this show reveals an African American boy playfully wearing his sweater pulled over his head during a rain. Enough of his face is exposed to show his charming, happy smile.

A photograph by Bill Owens from his SUBURBIA series shows a young girl, Christina, in her bedroom. The child practically disappears amidst all the toys and clothes on the floor. The caption of the photograph reads, "I wanted Christina to learn some responsibility for cleaning her room, but it didn't work."  

All artists included in this show are well known nationally and internationally. All are collected by major museums and private collections.

Artists included:

John Albok

Keith Carter

Edward Curtis

William Eggleston

Morris Engel

Flor Garduño

Earlie Hudnall, Jr.

Misty Keasler

George Krause

Morten Nilsson

Bill Owens

Cristina Garcia Rodero

Jock Sturges

Chris Verene

Teun Voeten

Mariana Yampolsky

Keith Carter,

Paradise, TX 1988