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May 10 - June 14, 2008


A Group Exhibition

Opening Reception

Saturday, May 10, 2008

from 5 pm – 8 pm

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, DALLAS, TX - What is the notion of Home Sweet Home? Does everyone see home as their sanctuary, a place to feel comfortable, protected, at ease? What constitutes comfort, what objects do people hold dear, and are the living spaces a reflection of the person's personality?

PDNB Gallery presents a group exhibition of photographs that question the statements, Home is where the heart is, or There's no place like Home. Misty Keasler's images taken in the Guatemala City dump show crudely constructed homes made with found materials from the dump. Objects, even televisions, and discarded furniture offer comforts of home.

Tom Atwood photographed gay men in their homes, including John Waters. His series of portraits from the book, Kings in Their Castles, explores the gay urban world of writers, fashion designers, filmmakers in their abode.

Peter Riesett set out to photograph his grandfather's home after he passed away.

While cleaning out his house the rooms revealed important keepsakes that the grandfather could not part with. When all the pictures and objects were removed, the bare walls revealed a life before. This home was occupied for many years and could not forget the man that belonged there.

How dear is home to our culture? While we are seeing people lose their homes from sub-prime mortgages we think hard about that notion of home, how traumatic it could be to lose one's sanctuary.  

Artists included in this exhibition:

John Albok

Tom Atwood

Bill Owens

Jack Delano

Chris Verene

Misty Keasler

Delilah Montoya

Peter Riesett

William Greiner

Joy Christiansen

Tom Atwood, John Waters, 2003