b. 1970, Vologda region, Russia

Beliakov is a photojournalist that bravely documented the

conflict in the Caucasus from 1999 – 2007. Throughout this

eight-year period he tried to remain neutral through his images,

not giving favor to the Russian government or the Chechen rebels.

As a war photojournalist he encountered ample danger with land mines and mortar fire. He had to gain access through loyalty or money. There were censors and restrictions that confronted him, much like photojournalists in the U.S.

Beliakov has received many respected awards in photojournalism. His work has been published in many notable periodicals including The Sunday Times Magazine, Paris Match, GEO Magazine, New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and the British Telegraph Magazine.

He was profiled in a CBS News and Showtime Independent Films documentary drama, Three Days in September in 2006.

From 2002 – 2008 he was under contract with Bloomberg News.

Beliakov’s work has been exhibited in Italy and Russia. In 2011 his important document of portraits of Russian Special Forces was exhibited at the Russian Central Museum of Contemporary History. A catalog was published.

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February 4, 2000, Grozny Chechnya